Oh, the places I've been, the things I've seen...

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My Former Employers Goth School

Banking Housing for Rent
Travel Computer Hardware


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Former Employers

Time Oil , Inc. - Privately held oil company I worked for in Seattle

Nextel Communications, Inc. - Nationwide digital cellular footprint - I worked for them in Denver

The Boeing Company - This is as close as you can get to the Space and Defense Center

Keane Inc. - Outsource for Microsoft PSS


United Airlines Frequent Flyer, but I like Luft Hansa much better.

Southwest Airlines Home Gate Cheapest fare from Seattle to Salt Lake City ever.

GoldenWare Travel Technologies, LLC. - Home Page - Free ticket finding software

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Gruftie Stuff - (German for Goth)

Witches' League For Public Awareness correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft

Fašade - Free tarot readings

Computer hardware

Apple QuickTime Software

Western Digital Corporation (Service/Support) - FAQ/PCI-SCSI Cards 

Toshiba America, Inc. 

TOSHIBA - Disk Products Division  

IBM Corporation  

Sony Online CDROMs

MicroNet Technology, Inc. Syquest storage devices.

Adaptec SCSI (Small Computer Serial Interface) devices and more

ValCom - Main Menu Retail computer systems.

Gateway 2000 PCs

Hewlett-Packard Desktop, Tower, Netserver PC configurations

Quantum SCSI Hard Drives

CDW Macintosh Hardware/Software

Apple Computer  

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Bank of America 


VeriSign Digital ID Center 


Microsoft Training and Certification 

Evergreen State College


Seattle Times/P-I Classified Home Page  Warning - popups

RentNet - Listings for Seattle, WA 

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Miscellaneous Lynkage

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive  

UExpress Universal Press Comic strips - warning - popups

Speakeasy Cafe Cover Page 

City of Seattle (official) Public Access Network (PAN) 

WSDOT - Seattle Metro Traffic Flow

Seattle Metro Bus schedules

NASA -explore the solar system