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This gallery features photography only. For now.

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Worship the hat *le sigh*

Count Brookula




Chilling in the North sea with a boatload of Germans

Sailing at my leisure

andrea.jpg (30012 bytes)

Adorable Andrea and some girl I don't know but apparently partied with.

solannet.jpg (31555 bytes)

Lolly lolly solomon and malificent.

linbrosu.gif (225581 bytes)

Mother, me and Susan.


chris.jpg (25080 bytes)

Ah, Chris in a
particulary emphatic mood.


badkitty.jpg (20811 bytes)


mattjoa.jpg(24433 bytes)

Ah, yes, these people -
Matt, Joana, and err... ummm....


back that ass up  Onward, Yoicks!