Who is dis brookula guy?


RPG, RTS, FPS, I don't care. I love PC gaming. I'm in clan CSM and I play regularly on a private LAN in Northgate. Some of the multiplayer games we've enjoyed are Battlefield 1942 variants, Age of Empires III, Dungeon Siege 2, Half Life variants, Neverwinter Nights and many more.


I love to dance to Industrial and Gothic music. Both of my parents were dancers, albeit in modern dance, not disco. I used to go to Machine Werks in Seattle by the Space Needle. Now I go to the Mercury on Capitol Hill. What is goth? Ode to a dead goth bar - now reopened as the Mercury



I like to beat on my ceramic and fish skin bongo (it's a drum), play volleyball, ski, play chess and drink Guinness Extra Stout beer. My favorite bands, more or less, are Alien Sex Fiend, Funker Vogt, VNVNation, Covenant, And One, Skinny Puppy, Dead Can Dance, Coil, Delerium and Front Line Assembly. I live in Northgate with my roommate Greg in Seattle, WA. I collect MP3s, pr0n and Xbox games.

Fighty stuff WARNING POPUPS!

Astrologically, I am a triple metal dog. An Aries with Taurus rising, I tend to express my individuality through material outlets, like work or martial arts. I have studied Shao Lin Kung Fu, Hap Ki Do, Chuck Norris Karate (Fighting Arts Federation) and Tai Kwon Do (Korean/American). I'm currently a green belt at Quantum Martial Arts. I have two brothers who study Kung Fu as well. They're a wee bit shorter than me and live in Utah and New Mexico.



oh my gawth

Travel keeps my mind young. It's difficult to retain your ethnocentricity when engulfed in a foreign culture. I've been to Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. I am 6' 8" (not a typo), have long dark hair, prefer female sexual partners, and I dress in all black, all the time. I really really really love pointy shoes. I understand that noogoths scoff and I don't care. I've only briefly been fashionable, but always stylish. For more about how to make clothing black, try this link - dye.htm

flighty stuff

I dream of habitats in space and I intend to be instrumental in the mass exodus of the human species away from this nest and into the maturity of extra terrestrial life. I do not believe in aliens, nor do I disbelieve in aliens. They don't bother me and I don't bother with them. Keep your schwa in your own damn pocket. I used to dream of writing code for electronic games. I discovered to my chagrin that I'm utterly unsuited to programming. Until I became a Windows expert, I was a Mac Jedi. I'm currently a linux system administrator in an operations group. I speak a smattering of western European and North American languages, primarily English and German. I'm at least passingly familiar and in some cases have demonstrated some rudimentary ability with writing code in Visual Basic, VBscript, C, C++, Java, Javascript and HTML (not a language). I learned some Assembly and assorted other esoteric languages at Evergreen (including prolog) and promptly forgot them.



I work in software engineering for various large companies. I also build and fix PCs. I do house calls for a truly reasonable fee, usually beer and pizza for friends. I despise Country Western Music (and fashion), rude people, America Online, potato flakes and emotional trauma. I do not have morals, I have ethics - morals strangle, ethics guide. I've been accused of being a loose canon. I am simply addicted to Science Fiction, I am not however a Trekkie. I don't watch television and my idea of a pleasant evening includes a Guiness Extra Stout or a tasty single malt scotch and a thick book or perhaps a fragaliscious romp in multiplayer kill zones. I enjoy viewing fine art and attempting to emulate it with my paltry artistic talents in oil and acrylic paints on canvas. A few bits of my work are posted in the gallery on this site. I have come to the conclusion that everyone thinks they're me. They are not me. I'm quite sure of it or I would never disagree with anyone. If you ever meet me, ask me about Nasrudin's Donkey.