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Free Public Event

The Student Originated Software Fair

Where: The Evergreen State College, Library Building Foyer (3rd Flr.)

When: Wednesday, May 31st 12noon - 3pm

The Student Originated Software program at The Evergreen State College is holding its ³Software Fair² featuring thirteen innovative software systems designed and programmed by student developers. This event is open to the general public and will be held on Wednesday, May 31, 12 - 3pm on the 3rd Floor Foyer of the Library Building.

At the leading edge, software engineering in today's network society demands a broad range of interdisciplinary skill, vision and expertice. Complex problems require innovative, technically sophisticated solutions, while organization, psychology, group dynamics and culture play critical roles in determining standards for success and failure in the software industry. In response to rapid changes in the field of computer science, the Student Originated Software program prides itself on producing highly skilled practitioners by uniquely preparing students to meet real world challenges. Through integrating design theory, application technology and unified approaches to systems implementation, the year-long curriculum culminates in the demonstration of a broad range of software projects; scientific, database, business, web-based, and experimental applications.

Visit the Stduent Originated Software web site for more details:

This free public event, sponsored by The Evergreen State College will be held May 31st 12 -3 pm in Olympia; Library Building Foyer (3rd Flr.)

(For more information, contact John Adams (360) 357-4729,; Judy Cushings, (360) 866-6000 ext. 6652,; David Meyers ext. 5056,